* The Printer Works is concerned about maintaining your privacy. We guard our customer lists carefully. We do not sell or trade our mailing lists, e-mail lists, or other customer information with anyone outside our organization. We will only release customer information to government agencies that have the authority and the legal right to demand the information.

* We have taken steps to prevent our systems from being accessed by outsiders.

* The Printer Works collects information from users by voluntary registration and during customer checkout. Registration is not required to place an order, but registered users are given special pricing and privileges.

* Our web site uses very few cookies. We do not save "cookies" to your hard disk drive. A temporary "per-session cookie" called a "unicode" is sent back and forth only between our computer and your computer and only in certain limited sections of our web site that require it.

* The "unicode" is used in the purchasing sections of our web site to positively associate your computer with your shopping cart. A unicode is created for registered users during sign in. A unicode is created for unregistered users when they enter certain areas of the site that could involve the use of a shopping cart.

* Registered users are anonymous until they sign in.

* Unregistered users are anonymous until they place an order.

* The entire ordering and checkout process (where name, address, and credit card information is provided) is safe and secure. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology from VeriSign, Inc.

* Note: Please make sure that you have the SSL option enabled in your browser or you will not be able to start the checkout process.

* We give you control over your registration and marketing information. When you register you choose your own unique User ID and Password combination. After logging in you can view and update any of the registration data you have given us by selecting the "Update My Registration" option. You can also remove all of the information we save about you from our e-commerce system by selecting the "Purge My Information" option. The purge option does not remove records of purchases (which we must maintain by law) from our separate accounting system. Our accounting system is not accessible from the World Wide Web.

* Purchase history information and other accounting data is kept on our accounting system. None of this information is currently accessible from the World-Wide-Web. In the future we may elect to provide registered users with their personal purchase history information as a service to them. This information will not be made available to any third parties without the legal authority to demand it.

* We will not send you any unsolicited email messages unless you give us permission by checking various options in the registration process. You can change all such optional selections at any time by logging and selecting the "Update My Registration" information.

* The Printer Works reserves the right to change and update these policies in the future. Specifically these policies may change if there is a change in ownership of The Printer Works, Inc.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or our web site, please send a message to our web administrator. Thank you for visiting our web site.

This policy was last updated on February 9, 2001.

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