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Pricing and availability for C4110-67914

Part NumberPriceQuantity
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C4110-67914 See C4110-67923 Not Available 0

Alternate Item(s)
5000MKA-AEX Adv. Ex., Maintenance Kit (110V), LJ 5000, Amkt 189.00 0
C4110-67921-NE New Exch., Fuser Kit (110V), LJ 5000 Not Available 0
C4110-67923-AEX Adv. Ex., Maintenance Kit (110V), LJ 5000 299.00 0
C4110-67923-NE New. Ex., Maintenance Kit (110V), LJ 5000 349.00 0
C4110-67927-NE New Exchange, Maintenance Kit (110V), LJ 5000 359.00 0
RG5-5455-AEX Adv. Exc., Fuser Assembly (110V), LJ 5000 Not Available 13
RG5-5455-NE New Exc. Fuser Assembly (110V), LJ 5000 Not Available 0
C4110-67921 Fuser Kit (110V), LJ 5000 Not Available 0
C4110-67923 Maintenance Kit (110V), OEM Not Available 0
C4110-67923-OEM Maintenance Kit (110V), New OEM Parts 389.00 0
RG5-5455-100 Fuser Assembly (110V), LJ 5000, New OEM Not Available 0
RG5-5455-R Fuser Assembly, LJ 5000 RFB 189.00 5

Item number C4110-67914 is used in the following products:
HP LaserJet 5000 (HP C4110A)
HP LaserJet 5000N (HP C4111A)
HP LaserJet 5000DN (HP C8068A)
HP LaserJet 5000GN (HP C4112A)

NOTE: The Printer Works trusts its customers and does not charge for cores upfront. Buyers of exchange items can either ship their cores to The Printer Works within 45 days of the order date to offset/cancel pending core charges with core returns, or they can keep their cores and pay the resulting core charge invoice to purchase the exchange items outright. The core charge amount and part number associated with the exchange item(s) offered above is:

Core Item #Core Charge Amount

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