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Part Number Description Price Qty Avail.
C3948A-R Printer, HP LJ 3100, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
C4085A-R Printer, HP LJ 8000, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
C4086A-R Printer, HP LJ 8000N, Rfb$449.001
C4087A-R Printer, HP LJ 8000DN, Rfb$499.00Not Available
C4110A-R Printer, HP LJ 5000, 110V, Rfb$349.00Not Available
C4111A-R Printer, HP LJ 5000N, 110V, Rfb$399.00Not Available
C4112A-R Printer, HP LJ 5000GN, Rfb$599.00Not Available
C4118A-R Printer, LJ 4000, Rfb$195.001
C4119A-R Printer, LJ 4000T, Rfb$225.00Not Available
C4120A-R Printer, LJ 4000N, Rfb$229.00Not Available
C4121A-R Printer, LJ 4000TN, Rfb$265.00Not Available
C4170A-R Printer, LJ 2100, Rfb$179.002
C4171A-R Printer, LJ 2100M, Rfb$229.00Not Available
C4172A-R Printer, LJ 2100TN, Rfb$249.00Not Available
C4214A-R Printer, HP LJ 8100, Rfb$349.00Not Available
C4215A-R Printer, HP LJ 8100N, Rfb$599.001
C4216A-R Printer, HP LJ 8100DN, Rfb$699.00Not Available
C4224A-R Printer, HP LJ 1100, 110V, Rfb$139.00Not Available
C4251A-R Printer, LJ 4050, Rfb$209.001
C4252A-R Printer, LJ 4050T, Rfb$209.00Not Available
C4253A-R Printer, LJ 4050N, Rfb$249.00Not Available
C4254A-R Printer, LJ 4050TN, Rfb$259.002
C4256A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 3150, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
C4265A-R Printer, HP LJ 8150, 110V, Rfb$359.00Not Available
C4266A-R Printer, HP LJ 8150N, 110V, Rfb$395.002
C4267A-R Printer, HP LJ 8150DN, 110V, Rfb$499.001
C7044A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 1200, 110V, Rfb$189.00Not Available
C7045A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 1220, Rfb$249.00Not Available
C7048A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 1200n, Rfb$259.00Not Available
C7052A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 3200, fax/copier/scanner, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
C7058A-R Printer, LaserJet 2200D, Rfb$249.001
C7059A-R Printer, LaserJet 2200DT, Rfb$299.00Not Available
C7063A-R Printer, LaserJet 2200DN, Rfb$229.001
C7064A-R Printer, LaserJet 2200, RfbNot Available1
C7085A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 4550, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
C7086A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 4550N, RfbNot Available1
C7087A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 4550DN, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
C7088A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 4550HDN, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
C7131A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 5500N, Rfb$599.001
C8049A-R Printer, LaserJet 4100, 110V, Rfb$265.002
C8050A-R Printer, LaserJet 4100N, 110V, Rfb$295.002
C8051A-R Printer, LaserJet 4100TN, Rfb$345.00Not Available
C8052A-R Printer, LaserJet 4100DTN, 110V, Rfb$395.00Not Available
C8068A-R Printer, HP LJ 5000DN, Rfb$499.00Not Available
C8519A-R Printer, LaserJet 9000, Rfb$599.001
C8520A-R Printer, LaserJet 9000n, Rfb$649.001
C8521A-R Printer, LaserJet 9000dn, 110V, Rfb$699.00Not Available
C8523A-R Printer, LaserJet 9000MFP, Rfb$1,099.00Not Available
C9124A-R Printer/Scanner/Copier, HP LJ 3300, Rfb$269.00Not Available
C9125A-R Printer/Scanner/Copier, HP LJ 3320 MFP, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
C9126A-R Printer, HP LJ 3330MFP, RFB$199.00Not Available
C9148A-R Printer, LaserJet 4100mfp, 110V, Rfb$495.001
C9149A-R Printer, LaserJet 4101mfp, Rfb$695.001
C9656A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 5500, Rfb$549.00Not Available
C9657A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 5500DN, Rfb$499.001
C9658A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 5500DTN, Rfb$699.00Not Available
C9659A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 5500HDN, Rfb$899.00Not Available
C9660A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 4600, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
C9661A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 4600DN, Rfb$399.001
C9662A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 4600DTN, Rfb$449.00Not Available
C9663A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 4600HDN, 110V, Rfb$499.00Not Available
C9692A-R Printer, HP Color LJ 4600N, 110V, Rfb$349.001
Q1334A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 1300, 110V, Rfb$199.001
Q1335A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 1300n, 110V, Rfb$279.00Not Available
Q1342A-R Printer, LaserJet 1000, Rfb$199.00Not Available
Q1860A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 5100, 110V, Rfb$499.00Not Available
Q1861A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 5100TN, 110V, Rfb$749.002
Q1862A-R Printer, HP LJ 5100DTN, Rfb$999.00Not Available
Q2425A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 4200, 110V, Rfb$239.002
Q2426A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 4200n, 110V, Rfb$249.00Not Available
Q2427A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 4200tn, Rfb$289.00Not Available
Q2428A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 4200dtn, Rfb$499.00Not Available
Q2431A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 4300, Rfb$289.002
Q2432A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 4300n, Rfb$299.001
Q2433A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 4300tn, Rfb$349.001
Q2434A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 4300dtn, Rfb$399.00Not Available
Q2435A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 4300dtns, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
Q2447A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 4200dtnsl, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
Q2472A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 2300, Rfb$179.00Not Available
Q2474A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 2300d, 110V, Rfb$199.002
Q2475A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 2300dn, Rfb$249.001
Q2476A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 2300dtn, 110V, Rfb$399.00Not Available
Q2477A-R Printer, HP LaserJet 2300l, Rfb$229.00Not Available

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