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Part Number Description Price Qty Avail.
J2382-60001-R JetDirect External, BNC/RJ45, Novell only, Rfb$49.00Not Available
J2382-60003-R JetDirect External,BNC/RJ45,Multi-Protcl Ether,Rfb$69.00Not Available
J2382-61003 JetDirect Ext.,ENet/802.3 10BT,No Pwr Sup,NewOEMNot AvailableNot Available
J2382-61003-R JetDirect Ext. EtherNet 10Base-T,Multi-Protocl,RfbNot AvailableNot Available
J2382B JetDirect Ext., EtherNet/802.3 10BT,New OEM$49.002
J2382B-R JetDirect Ext., EtherNet/802.3 10BT, RfbNot AvailableNot Available
J2383-60001-R JetDirect External, Novell Token Ring Only, Rfb$39.00Not Available
J2383-60003-R JetDirect External, Token Ring, Rfb$49.00Not Available
J2383-61005-R JetDirect External, Token Ring, Rfb$59.00Not Available
J2383B JetDirect External, Token Ring,New OEM$89.00Not Available
J2383B-R JetDirect External, Token Ring, Rfb$79.00Not Available
J2547B JetDirect Ext., Ethernet Upgrade$61.86Not Available
J2590A Jet Direct Ext, 3Port, 10/100, Enet w/PSNot AvailableNot Available
J2590A-R Jet Direct Ext, 3Port, 10/100, Enet w/PS, Rfb$149.00Not Available
J2591-61001 See J2591ANot AvailableNot Available
J2591-61001-R See J2591A-R$69.001
J2591-61011 See J2591ANot AvailableNot Available
J2591A JetDirect Ext Plus 10BT/2Coax, New Retail Box$89.00Not Available
J2591A-R JetDirect Ext Plus 10BT/2Coax w/PS, Rfb$49.00Not Available
J2592A JetDirect External 150X 10BT Ethernet,New OEM$49.005
J2592A-R JetDirect External 150X 10BT Ethernet, Rfb$59.00Not Available
J2593-61001-R JetDirect Ext Plus 3Port, 10BT/2Coax w/PS, Rfb$165.00Not Available
J2593A JetDirect Ext Plus 3Port, 10BT/2Coax w/PSNot AvailableNot Available
J2593A-R JetDirect Ext Plus 3Port, 10BT/2Coax w/PS,Rfb$89.001
J2594-61001-R JetDirect External Plus 3, Token Ring, Rfb$89.00Not Available
J2594A-R JetDirect External Plus 3, Token Ring, Rfb$39.00Not Available
J3258B JetDirect External, 170X, Par. to 10BT, RJ45$129.00Not Available
J3263-61002-R JetDirect Ext, 300X, 10/100 Enet w/PS, Rfb$149.00Not Available
J3263A JetDirect Ext, 300X, 10/100 Enet w/PSNot AvailableNot Available
J3263A-R JetDirect Ext,300X,10/100Enet w/PS, Rfb$179.001
J3264-61001 JetDirect External, 300X, 10Base-TNot AvailableNot Available
J3264A JetDirect External, 500X, Tkn Ring,New OEMNot AvailableNot Available
J3264A-R JetDirect External, 500X, Tkn Ring, Rfb$89.004
J3265-61001 JetDirect Ext 500X, 3Port, 10/100Enet w/PS$593.75Not Available
J3265A JetDirect Ext 500X, 3Port, 10/100Enet w/PS$169.00Not Available
J4101-60001-R JetDirect External, EtherTwist, 10BT/100BTX,Rfb$149.00Not Available
J4101-61011 JetDirect External, EtherTwist, 10Base-T/100Base-TNot AvailableNot Available
J4102-60001-R JetDirect External, EtherTwist, 10Base-T, Rfb$99.00Not Available
J4102-61011 JetDirect External, EtherTwist, 10Base-TNot AvailableNot Available
J4155A JetDirect External, 70X Home$103.55Not Available
J6035A JetDirect External 175XNot AvailableNot Available
J6035A-R JetDirect External 175X, Rfb$59.00Not Available
J6035B JetDirect, External, 175X EthernetNot AvailableNot Available
J6035B-R JetDirect, External, 175X Ethernet, Rfb$69.00Not Available
J6035C-ETN JetDirect, External, 175X Ethernet, Equiv. to New$109.001
J6038A JetDirect External 310X$114.50Not Available
J6038A-R JetDirect External 310X, Rfb$79.001
J7942A JetDirect Ext. en3700, USB 10/100 TX LANNot AvailableNot Available

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